Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happy List

Good morning, or I guess, good afternoon friends. :) Happy Saturday. It's time for another Happy List.


1. I'm sure this is terrible to admit but...I am HAPPY that my husband is out with his friends for the day. The house is quiet and peaceful. He constantly has to have the TV or the stereo on. I'm HAPPY just to sit and enjoy the silence. Of course, the silence is occasionally broken by the slurps of my Dunkin Donuts iced latte. Ahhh. Bliss!

2. I am soooo HAPPY that in our search last weekend, my Mom did find her dress for my brother's wedding. It looks amazing on her and the color is gorgeous. It's called "teal" but it's not obnoxious 80's teal. It's a deeper blue, more like a peacock blue color. It's so pretty. I'm so excited for the wedding. I wish January would hurry up and get here.

3. I am so HAPPY and fortunate to have been in so many weddings. Sometimes I feel like the movie "27 Dresses" is about me.  :) (She has me beat though. I will only be in my 13th wedding this winter.) Several of my friends got married in 2001. It's hard to imagine but they've been married 10 years now. It feels like it was 10 minutes ago. Time flies! I was very HAPPY and honored to be in my dear friend Kelly's wedding on August 11, 2001. Congratulations, Kel. I wish you and Adam many, many, many more!

4. While I don't want to get into all the details just yet, I have been struggling with something personal for quite awhile now. It's extremely frustrating and it has me at the point of giving up. I had a tarot card reading done via email (who knew??) by the very talented Lynn and I feel much better now. Dare I say, HAPPY?  :) I'm looking forward to the beginning of something great. :)

Well, I guess I really should get my day started, unfortunately. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. Sometimes a day to yourself is so refreshing. I hope that your problems works itself out soon.

    Have a fabulous weekend!

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  3. That silence is bliss, isn't it?

  4. Good idea to think of things that make you happy to start the day :) Visiting from Lots of Lovin Weekend bloghop!

    The Twerp and I

  5. Hi kelly! Thank you so much for visiting! Following now too! What a perfect post that I bet so many can relate to! I know I can!! Ahhhh coffee and the house to yourself! Bliss. When my husband asks to go out with friends, sometimes I'm like, "ahhh bummer" and other times I'm like "how fast can you b outta here" :) hahahha
    And peacock favorite!!!!! And peacock feathers lol
    Awesome how many weddings you've been in! Wow!! so great how many days of love you've got to share in!
    I hope whatever you're dealing with gets better each day. Love your attitude and sense of hope in it all. You will be in my prayers!
    Happy Sunday!
    Maria :)

  6. I came via Lovin' Weekend blog hop and I love that there is someone else that likes to be home in peace and quiet! I hope you come visit sometime, my blog is eclectic to say the least!
    compassionate quilter at rocket mail dot com

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    Have a great weekend!
    MariaS Handmade-Love

  8. Hi following from Social Sunday blop hop.

  9. Hi Kelly :)

    Just popping in from the sunday hop :)
    Come say hi

    Anyways, have a lovely rest of your sunday and looking forward to your posts!

  10. Thanks for linking up with us on the lots of lovin weekend hop! I'm here to follow you back.

    I know how you feel about #1. I feel that way too sometimes it's nice to have some quiet alone time and wow 13 weddings? I love weddings, you're so lucky!

    Have a great weekend!