Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sheet rock city!

While I'm making dinner I thought I would upload some photos of the house. The boy pulled most of the paneling down around Halloween and then it sat in that state until last weekend. I came home from my sister-in-law (to be)'s shower and viola! Sheet rock was almost all done. The boy's friends were a huge help. They came over last night to start spackling. The house is a MESS and is now covered in spackle and dust. But at least the paneling is almost all gone!

Side note: when I bought the house it was covered, and I do mean COVERED in wood paneling. Some rooms even had paneling on the ceiling...and that is not a lie! It was bad news. You can see the oh-so-lovely wood paneling in some of the pics. OH - and as if that wasn't bad enough, we also have faux stone paneling. Yea.

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