Friday, May 4, 2012

I confess... it's been a great week!


I confess...
It's not often that I can say I've had a truly terrific week...but this is one of them. I feel so lucky, loved and blessed. What a great feeling!

My baby shower was last Saturday. It was a fantastic day. Liam got so many presents it was honestly a bit overwhelming but very appreciated. The kid will never need another bib in his life! And I'm pretty sure he has more clothes than my husband and I combined. :) My sister-in-law, Jackie, had people bring diapers for a raffle. For each package you brought your name was entered into a raffle for (as she likes to say) a fabulous prize. I wish I would have taken pictures of all the diapers we got. There were TONS. I was especially excited because a good percentage of them were organic or natural. Yay. Since Liam's room isn't done yet half of the gifts ended up at my parent's house and half is at our house. Maybe I will try to get a picture when everything eventually makes its way back to my house.

(Isn't that the cutest cake ever??)

I confess...
I seriously don't know what I would have done without Jackie. Saturday after the shower she helped me organize everything into piles. Then she took me to several stores on Sunday to return stuff. I still don't understand how it happens since we had a registry...but we got several duplicates. And if I'm being honest, we got a few gifts that weren't on the registry which I didn't like. (Whoops) By the end of the day on Sunday I had credits at Babies R Us, Target and Walmart. Now I just need to figure out what we need so I can go back and spend my credit. It's burning a hole in my wallet!

I confess..
One of my best friends, Annie, is pregnant too. Most of our friends had babies years ago so it's fun to be able to share this with her. She just found out she's having a boy too. I'm so excited! Liam made his first BFF already!

I confess...
As excited as I am to go on maternity leave and not to work for 3 entire months, I'm dreading it. I don't get paid one cent. We've been trying to save money here and there but we're not really the best at it. I try not to think about it because it really stresses me out. Yesterday at work my boss asked me if I wanted to work part-time from home when I'm out on leave. I seriously almost jumped across the conference room table and hugged him. Yay! I can be home and still work a little so we will have some extra cash. Thank god!!

I confess...
I was so happy leaving work yesterday that I knew I was smiling from ear to ear. I got home and there was a big package sitting on my porch. The part-time sales rep at my company told me she ordered us a gift and it was being shipped today. I figured it just came early. I opened it and read the card. It was from one of my clients. How nice is that? I couldn't believe it! It was so thoughtful of her.

I confess...
I'm such a lucky girl and it's been a great week. I feel like this was a giant Happy List post instead of a confession but it's Friday so confession it is. :)

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Happy Friday!

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