Saturday, October 8, 2011

Time flies and skunks are stinky

I can't believe it's October. I always seem to say stuff like that. I'm always amazed at how fast time flies. So to bring you up to speed, I've been buried at work (I actually have to go in tomorrow, sad me) but what's new? I'm still trying to get pregnant. We did a round of IUI. Despite the success rates for women in general, and especially women of my age - we are considered "advanced maternal age" (I'm 36 in case you were wondering...not 56) - I just knew was going to work. It didn't. I cried for 2 days straight. :(   But I eventually brought myself out of my funk and moved on. There's nothing else to do. I think it's stress honestly, that's preventing me from getting pregnant. I'm trying to relax as much as possible...and to breathe...which is something I think I forget to do sometimes.

So in the spirit of relaxing, hubby and I decided to just stay in and watch movies last night. We were all curled up on the couch when the pup had to go outside. Once she went out, hubby saw her crawling on her belly and heard her start growling. Then he started yelling for her to come in...but of course she didn't. I ran to the door but couldn't see anything. The all of the sudden we saw a white tail - oh nooooooooo, skunk! My pup believed (and still believes) that she is the house protector & it is her duty to save us from any possible harm. She got sprayed....right in the face. In the eye to be exact. My poor pup. :(   She finally came inside and just plopped on top of me. It was like she had given up and was saying, "Mom, help me!" Her eye was completely swollen and red. I did my best to wipe her eye out but a 70 pound pit bull can be pretty stubborn so it was not easy. I had heard that tomato juice gets the smell out of their coats. Oh did I mention the smell? It was HORRIBLE. I mean vile. Gross. So I ran to the cabinets. No tomato juice. I did have tomato sauce so I figured, it's got to be the same thing, right? We put Maddy into the shower and poured tomato sauce all over her (she tried to eat it all off). The smell lessened but she was still pretty stinky. Her eye looked pretty bad still, so we took her to the emergency vet's office. They washed her eye out with saline and sent us on our way. They didn't even charge us for the visit which made my day cause I was dreading the bill. They also gave us a recipe to use to really get the smell out. The vet said it was made of simple household items that everyone has in their house at all times. Everyone that is, but us. We're so ghetto.  :)  After a quick trip to the store we put Maddy back in the shower. She smelled a million times better. She's still a little stinky today so I might mix up another batch.

Here is the recipe in case you ever need it....but I really hope you don't!

32-ounce bottle of hydrogen peroxide

1 cup vinegar
1/2 cup baking soda
1 tablespoon liquid dish soap
1 gallon of warm water

Combine ingredients and sponge onto animal, allowing mixture to soak to the skin. Allow to air dry. Repeat application if necessary. (This mixture will not bleach your pet’s coat.)

So my relaxing weekend has not been that relaxing but I wouldn't be me if it everything ran smoothly. I'm hoping it calms down today. It's a bright sunny day out. Maybe a nice trip to the park is in order. :)
I hope you're having a wonderful, stress-free weekend!

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