Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Happy List


I am so HAPPY that the Happy List lives on. I don't always get a chance to post but I always remember to count my blessings, however small. It's so nice to see others doing so as well.

I am very thankful that I have such wonderful friends and family. This whole fertility thing gets me down sometimes...it makes me HAPPY to know that I can count on people around me to pick me back up.

I am so glad that my health insurance finally kicked in. I was paying $100 a month for one medication (I think I'm about 5 or 6). Yesterday I picked it up for $35. HAPPY!

October is here and it's my favorite month. There is so much to do around Halloween and it's also the start of hockey season. And I love myself some hockey! My Dad and I have season tickets to a minor league team (Go Titans!) It's our thing and we've done it for the past 6 years. It makes me really HAPPY to spend so much time with him.

My Happy List is short and sweet this week. What are you happy for? Link up with Mamarazzi!

Have a great day!


  1. i am HAPPY that you are helping to keep the happy going by sharing YOUR happy list.

    i am sooo jealous that you and your daddy get that special time together, so cool!

    thanks for linking up!

  2. I have so many things to be happy for, my family, job, health to name a few. Just found your blog on Welcome Wednesday and hopped over to become your newest GFC follower. Hope you will hop by and check out my blog at kittycrochettwo.blogspot.com when you get a chance. Have a fantastic rest of the week!

  3. Hi! I found your blog on welcome Wednesday! Very cute! Good luck with everything!


  4. Awww this is a good Idea!!!! I have a thankful thursday :) And season tickets to hockey SWEET! I love hockey as well :)


    Thanks for the follow!

  5. Hi Kelly! What a cute blog you have! So glad I found you via Welcome Wednesday. I am now your newest follower; and I hope you will follow me, too! God bless you!