Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Happy List

Saturday morning means another Happy List! :)


1. I had a really crappy week at work, so I'm happy it's over. YAY.

2. I'm so happy that my brother's wedding is getting closer. 5 months from tomorrow! I was scrolling through their engagement pictures online this morning, and I can see how bored Kevin gets towards the end of the shoot. You can totally see the expression on his face saying, "Are we done YET???" Hahaha. I love my brother.

3. I'm very happy I'm a bridesmaid so I get to share in all the excitement of their big day.

4. I'm happy that invitations for both showers have gone out. I'm nervous that I will spill the beans on the other shower. Uggg, I hope not. Just in case I didn't tell you, we are having a small family shower at my Mom's house in PA and then the "real" (or BIG I guess is a better word) shower in Maryland where my my brother and Jackie live. Our small shower isn't a surprise (Jackie text me to RSVP yesterday which I thought was hysterical) but her other shower is.

5. I'm happy to be going dress shopping again with my Mom for her dress for the big day. We found a dress that we both liked but we wanted to see what else is out there. I know she will end up with that first dress! :)
6. I'm super happy that I just signed up for the Sisterhood of the traveling journal . I don't know all the details but it sounds fun. I'll keep you posted.

Oh random side note - I did get my pedicure last week. The color is so cute, it's a bright pink color called "108 degrees." HAPPY!

I have to get ready for my big dress date with my Mom. Hope you all have a fabulous Saturday!


  1. That is a great happy list!
    Sorry you didn't have a great week at work. Hopefully you'll have a better one next week!
    Dress shopping, FUN! Enjoy your girl time!!

  2. wedding are so much fun, especially when they are someone elses!!

  3. Hope you have fun shopping with your mom!
    And boo on having a crummy work week. Not fun.

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  7. Wonderful list!!

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