Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The magic of summer

I looked at the calendar today and it hit me. It's August already. How did that happen? Then I realized that summer is almost over. It's kind of sad.

But wait, why am I sad? Summer doesn't hold the same meaning for me now as it did when I was a kid.

Summer used to mean...

Having the freedom to do everything or nothing at all, infinite possibilities. Eating freshly picked strawberries, watermelon or cherries, ice cream running down your chin, running through sprinklers, swimming in the neighborhood pool, fireworks, bbq's. Fishing for minnows and crayfish in the creek in the backyard, playing tennis or baseball, being outside all day. Playing tag, playing man hunt and ghost in the graveyard, catching fireflies, roasting marshmallows around the fire. Playing in the garden, going to the beach, counting stars, picnics, going to the park or playground, setting up lemonade stands, staying up late...

Now it's just another day. Another month. Nothing special. When did I lose that magic of summer? I guess it was when I grew up and had responsibilities.


This coming weekend I'm going to live like I did when I was 10. No responsibilities, no plans, no rules. Just fun in the sun.  :)  I wish that for you too.

Hope you're having a great week!


  1. This past week I've been happyly living like a kid----beach,flower walks, and pirate feast!
    stopping through a bit late from Get Wired Wednesday, now following feel free to check out my blog-

  2. So agree, but my 3-year old has been bringing that childhood fun back for me every day. New follower from the hop. Hope you'll stop by:

  3. A agree... get out there girl! I think we are kindred spirits :)

    I can't wait to read more from your blog :)