Friday, June 10, 2011

Kevin & Jackie

Hi everyone. Happy Friday!

I wanted to say thank you and welcome to my new readers. I have found a lot of cool, fun blogs to follow as a result of the blog hops. I'm so glad that you found me too. If anyone follows me, I promise to always follow back. I tried to comment on a few blogs but it seems as though blogger is currently acting up so I'm not able to. Lame!


As some of you may know, my brother, Kevin, is getting married in January. I couldn't be happier for him...and truthfully,  for me. Jackie, my sister-in-law to be, is amazing. She is everything I ever wanted for my brother. I always begged my parents for a sister but that never quite worked out for me.  ;)  I finally have a sister in Jackie. I love, love, love her!! I honestly can't say enough good things about her. We are so lucky to have Jackie in our family.

This was taken at my wedding. Aren't they cute? I'm pretty sure that's the biggest smile you will ever get out of my dear brother.

Since I didn't do a lot of blogging for my own wedding, I have decided that I will be sharing all the fun and exciting details leading up to their big day. We still have a while to go (and for me, a more than a few pounds to lose) so I will be posting stuff in the upcoming months. For now, take a look at my treasury that was inspired by their plans so far. Enjoy! (I'm really not sure why the last 2 spots are missing. Do people delete their items out of treasuries?? If so, rude!)

Have a great weekend!

Love, Kelly

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