Sunday, June 12, 2011

The hunt for a headboard

Wow, it's Sunday night already! Where did the weekend go?? They always seem to fly by. *Sigh*

We got our new bed delivered last weekend. We really wanted a Tempur-pedic bed but it was waaaaaaaaaaaay outside of our price range. We settled on another brand memory foam bed but it was still pretty darn expensive. Since we already have a bedroom set, I didn't want to buy a new headboard. I'm pretty insane with things matching. I knew nothing would match our set perfectly so we bought some new sheets for our bigger bed and called it a day.

The bed, by the way, is heaven.

For the past week I kept looking at the bed and wrinkling up my nose at it. It just doesn't look quite right without a headboard. Ugg. So this weekend was spent on a hunt for a headboard. We have gone to every furniture store, import store and thrift store in our neighborhood. We even drove down to Ikea in South Philly. We found nothing that I liked. Absolutely nothing. I also spent hours looking online. Nothing there either. The few things I did find were way too pricey and I'm not paying $300 for a headboard. That's just crazy to me.

Solution? I'm going to attempt to make a tufted headboard. Travis hates them but I think he will get over it once he sees how cool it looks. Or I hope so anyway. I will keep you posted on my progress. It should be interesting to say the least. Here is my inspiration:

It can be found on Home Decorators. (By the way, for a king size headboard it is $499 plus $80 shipping. Hahahahahahahaha!)

Well, I'm off to spray paint. I will fill you in on some other projects I'm working on shortly. Hope you had a great weekend!

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