Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Something for nothing

Hi friends. I am in fact, alive. I had planned several blogs ....but like everything in my house, my computer is falling apart. It has approximately 8000 viruses on it. Or maybe slightly less. ;) I'm hoping we will magically come into money soon so I can get everything fixed and running correctly. Until then, I just have to suffer through.

In an effort to start saving money, my friend suggested I start using coupons. I just laughed at her. Up until that point, I never used a coupon at a grocery store in my life. Ever. I always use the 50% off coupons at AC Moore or Michael's but never at a grocery store. It seemed like such a time consuming task so I never bothered. She suggested I check out this site called Living rich with coupons. In the past few years everything, gas, food, expenses...have gone up. Everything that is, except my paycheck (don't get me started!). Reluctantly, I agreed to start couponing.

The first time I used a few coupons and saw that they doubled up to a $1.00 at my grocery store, I was hooked. I tried to find as many coupons as I could for the brands that we used. I still wasn't saving a ton of money but I figured it was still better than not using coupons at all. It was money in my pocket instead of handing it over to the store. I finally wised up and realized to get the most bang for your buck you have to match up the items that are on sale with your coupons. Now I know it is a time consuming task....but a beneficial one.

I recently started watching Extreme couponing on TLC. Have you seen it? It's INSANE! These people rack up about a $1000 in groceries but use so many coupons that they pay little or nothing for carts (yes, SEVERAL carts) full of stuff. How the f do they do it? I really wonder. My store puts a limit on how many same coupons you can use in one transaction so I have no clue how they accomplish it. Everyone wants something for nothing. Or in their case, everything for nothing!

I am no where near that good...nor do I ever think I can/will be. I am happy with my progress though. Last night I spent about $91 at the supermarket....but I saved $82! AND, I got something for nothing. A few somethings actually. Yep! I am proud to say that I got 3 bars of deodorant, 1 bottle of shampoo, 8 candy bars, 2 bottles of coffee creamer and 2 bottles of ketchup for free! WHOOO HOOO! So I may not be saving as much as those extreme couponers but I am saving a little. And every bit helps.

Do you use coupons? Have any good tips or tricks to share? I’d love to hear them.

Love, Kelly


  1. That's awesome!! I'm terrible with remembering to use coupons. I'll even have them IN MY HAND while I'm checking out and forget to hand them over. My short term memory is so awful!

  2. Hi! I found you by way of the hop!

    I have a coupon/money saving blog. I believe in "practical couponing". My motto is fabulous saving & generous giving.

    You did great on your trip to the store!

    The extreme couponers are NOT realistic! I am married with 2 lil chicks one of which has Down Syndrome so for me I can't spend 30 hours a week clipping coupons and going to 5 different stores.

    I would encourage you to start by pricematching. That saves me tons!

    Stop by anytime!


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  3. actually I just tried to find your GFC and I don't see one so I have you on twitter! :)