Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My not so secret love affair

I have to admit, I am one lucky girl. I have no idea what I did to deserve my husband but I must have been good in a previous life. I adore him and think we will be together when we are old and gray. That said, you should know that I am having a secret affair. Or maybe it's not so secret.

I LOVE wine. And I wine loves me. Yes, we're madly in love and I don't care who knows.

When I was planning my wedding, we had looked at this awesome winery in Washington Crossing. ( Sadly, it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of our budget which devastated me. My cousin told me if she won the lottery that she would pay for us to have the wedding there. Since that never happened, we got married somewhere else. Maybe my next wedding. ;)

My bridesmaids planned a kick ass bridal shower for me. I don't cook nor would I ever pretend I could. Instead of having the traditional "wishing well" they had a wine wishing well where everyone brought a bottle of wine. It was like heaven. They know me so well! My girls knew how badly I wanted to get married at the winery and how sad I was that it wasn't an option. For part of my bachelorette party, they took me to a wine tasting and tour at the vineyard. It was an amazing experience.

Two weekends ago the Hubby & I went to a wine festival near our house. They charged $35 to get in & for a wine tote & tasting glass. We were told that the food was also included in the price of admission. Well, the wine tote was a cheap material, like one of those recyclable grocery bags and the tasting glass were plastic. Classy! Turns out the food was not included. So in the end we paid $35 to sample wine. I was pissed!

Last weekend I went to a wine tasting at a friend of a friend's home. There were 6 of us and 14 bottles of wine so I expected a good time. However, the organizers had no idea how to host a wine tasting. They went from sweet to dry to sweet...there was no consistency and it irritated me to no end. Now, I'm not a wine snob at all. I don't know the difference between wines and which wines you pare with which foods. I don't care. I drink what I like. So I was really at that party to drink some new wines that I had never tried had before.

Despite my sometimes up and down relationship with wine...the headaches, the cost..whatever, I celebrate our love as often as possible....especially today since its Wines-day. :)

So drink up, friends & toast my love. It's 5:00 somewhere!

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  1. I think you should have your own wine tasting party. Could be like a girl's night in, lol